Friday, July 23


I hez exhaustion too.

And these are how big our newest litter of baby kitties already are (and there are four as well!) in just one week's time (born last Friday night at midnight until 4am). We lost the 2 littlest runts within the first 48 hours, despite nursing them with syringes of water and milk, and massaging their wheezy underdeveloped lungs and chests. They just could not get enough air to breathe, their chests were slow to rise and fall, they could not eat, simply could not manage to hang on. =( It was incredibly sad. I know, nature's way, it's how it is in the wild, but when a 2 day old kitten dies in your hands with it's tiny paw wrapped around your thumb, it's incredibly sad and unfair somehow. Why be born, then. Why be forced to birth, simply to try and gasp for air for 2 days...

I so need some rest. Just some R&R, some time to turtle. Cmon Lotto Max, don't fail me now !!!!!!!

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