Wednesday, August 4

Getting into reading, learning, audio books and psycho-analytical, self-assessment thought patterns. I find myself asking why I do things, why I think things, why I believe things. Good stuff to contemplate, and interesting what you find about yourself when you start writing things down and read them later. (What was I thinking?!!!)

Also really interested more and more and more about photography training, taking more photos, learning dark room techniques, and shutter speeds, and preparing works for showing...

I guess one realization lately is there is a lot of fear associated with SHOWING people your artworks. Or SHARING them. It's freaky, because it's a really personal thing "to create". I know when I look at art (and when most of us do) we are judging things about it- the colors, the technique, the medium, the content... all of it. It takes guts to show people what you do, because in doing that you are asking for judgement. Yuck!

But in order to be considered an artist or established, you apparently have to show your work. Necessary evil I guess. And hey, who will buy your stuff if they don't ever see it?!!!

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