Monday, June 14

I think I need a dream catcher.
Some mornings, like today, I'm left with the punchline from a Johnny Carson Carnac The Magnificent joke.
"A braid of garlic, a daisy tattoo and elevators..."
That's all I recall from last night's dreams!! I know the elevators - that's an easy metaphor, wanting to move up up up. They were glass elevators, too, so I see where I'm going. But the braided garlic (ward off evil!?!!!) and tattoo I dunno. I just know white scrolly flowers in a tattoo, and I'm guessing that relates to is his mom. I know she liked white daisies.. Anyhoo...
I'm going to send all my nephews and niece their weekly lottery tickets !! The jackpot has grown AGAIN to the LARGEST EVER in Canadian history, and hey- can you beat buying a piece of hope for five bucks!? I mean really.... That's the true value of lottery tickets! I should send them my copy of the Robb Report with it so they can pick out what they want to buy with their imaginary winnings =P
I bought that magazine, in truth, for inspiration. You know I'm big on inspiring =) I popped a few pictures on the wall around my desk - yachts, watches, a sexy man in a nice suit (whaaaat?!!) I can't argue with looking at it all.
I find it hard to expand my brain sometimes; I need visuals to help it explore and grow. I was just discussing with someone last night the TAPE that plays in your head. It's amazing how long it plays for, with the same tune- over and over and over. "You can't, You won't, You shouldn't..., Why did you DO that?!" What do they call those? Self defeating beliefs?? Yes, those. The self imposed limitations. The beliefs that "I will only ever have XYZ". I will only ever be XYZ. I should just be happy with XYZ..."
I simply can't be happy whatsoever without something to shoot for, something to worry and obsess about, something to PLAN...! It is sooooooo truuuuuue. If I didn't, I would probably implode. I have issues relaxing completely anyways...! I remember the first time Aleesha invited me to meditation. I think my brain made the week's grocery list while everyone else was on a lovely calming tour of underground crystal caves. =P Yep, that's my brain alright!
So go buy a lottery ticket- let your mind go wild planning your winning moment. Lert yourself believe today that you are a millionaire and the money is coming =)

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~n~ said...

okay, i'm up-to-date now. :) i'm only inside because it's dark out and i know how weird it would be to be outside doing yardwork in the pitch black. lol but dawn's only a few hours away!!!!!

~little stan~