Sunday, June 20

All Signs:

Many of you are experiencing sudden, unexpected events that are shocking and mind blowing. Some are positive, some are negative, some are devastating. It is what it is.

You will recall I talked about the powerful conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus on June 8th taking place in Aries, something that last occurred at the beginning of 1928.

The effects of this will continue to reverberate like ripples for weeks. However, this week the Sun moves into Cancer for the first time in 11 months making all of us change gears and focus on a new direction.

"Yes, Grasshopper. When you can take the fly from my hand you are ready."

I just want to point out a number of explosive, crazy things happening in our world as we speak. The oil gushing in the Gulf of Mexico, the NUMEROUS floods around the world, and today's home explosion in Edmonton pictured above (meth lab or gas leak? I want to know...) I feel horrible for that community, with such a rude awakening on Father's Day. Multiple houses were affected, multiple families, sad to hear that 2 people were killed and one missing. Nobody knows why it happened. Crazy things are happening. Crazy.

Went to the 'county fair' (if you will call it this) today. And it was fun fun fun, and a goooooooorgeous day to take in a funnel cake and a corn dog! I love watching all the little kids get greased up in sunscreen by doting parents and screaming on rides, it's soooo funny! A little gaggle of four year old boys walked by me in their little squeaky kiddy toddler voices, one talking about his vast experiences on rides like he at his ripe old age was an expert to be consulted on engineering and physics. Omg HILARIOUS! We played a few midway games, checked out a few 4H goats and wandered home after a couple hours. A nice day, though.... Just a calm, sunny nice day at the fair =)

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