Thursday, June 24

After going to the art show at the red river ex, I've decided I should really show my own art. I pulled out my portfolio and dug through my old works, looking for things that I can now see would likely sell if framed. Likewise some photos I took in past years also could be sellable works of art. The key is where to sell it? What will it cost to frame it? Will I be able to sell it for enough to cover the cost of framing!? I have to find this stuff out. But a thought was planted. Especially when I saw $400 price tags...!!

Full moon coming on Saturday. Gonna be an emotional one. Ready yourselves, peeps, and stock up on tissues...!!!

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~n~ said...

yes. do it. do it now. you can totally sell your art. a friend of mine has murmur designs (google it) and sells online and also just entered a juried local art show. are there any of those to be had in 'peg? that'd be one option. also the local coffee houses here have different collections in each month... that's another option. your art's amazing. we've all been quietly waiting for this lightbulb to go on. ;)