Friday, June 11

I find it interesting that me, my sister and my brother are all interested -on some level- in community.

My sister is interested in encouraging a sense of community. She volunteers for her local area, she invests HERSELF in her community.

My brother plans and designs communities. He oversees a collective of people who decide where bike paths go, where roads go - infrastructure.

I literally invest invest in the community. I buy places in the community. Aside from this I really enjoy community programs- like fundraising and creating events, like my sister.

Interesting how we all see ourselves in some form of community involvement.

New Moon is tomorrow, on the 12th and in Gemini- the twins, the communicator, the community minded sociable outgoing curious talker. Gemini rules the shoulders, arms, hands and nervous system. Had to laugh when I read that because I woke up with a horrible shoulder ache, I bashed my hand on something and feel really, really anxious overall. Apparently I really need some Bach flower remedy right now =)

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