Thursday, June 10

Oh sure, TODAY Blogger lets me post!

I spent a few days in a row attempting to log in but was given an error message stating that Blogger was unavailable. Argh! Now I have to write a week's worth of posts in one day!!!


Let's start with the good:

Aries: June 10 2010 Horoscope (Georgia)

You've got big ideas about earning money, or perhaps getting a better job. Trust these instincts because you are probably right. Your positive state of mind will definitely attract moneymaking opportunities to you today. You might also run into some excellent bargains. It's a good money day!

Gemini (my rising sign) goes on to say "... Whatever you do privately today will come out peachy and sweet. It's okay if you work alone or work behind the scenes -- you'll be very happy with whatever happens. Your belief in your ability to do something will guarantee your success. (The power of positive thinking!)

Well, well, well if TODAY ain't a good day (apparently!!!!?) My cards were equally ominous. I pulled 9 cards just for farts and giggles. I like 9 because it's the number of completion, the number of all things coming around. I pulled the High Priestess, the Tower (oogity boogity) and the Wheel of Fortune. Then I got the 8 of swords (where am I going!?) Queen of swords (oh, THAT way...) and the meditation 4 of swords. My last set of three cards were Judgement, Emperor and 2 of cups. 'Cept for that ominous life changing tower, all pretty good cards. And really, the Tower being flanked by the Priestess and Fortune, isn't that a "good" tower?!! (If that's possible?!!!) I'll have to consult some smarter people than me to figure that one out.
I bought lottery tickets anyways, what with it being $70 million dollars tomorrow !!! I could use a fraction or more of that =P

Back down on Earth, I have actually turned this financial astro energy to more practical matters. I pulled up my credit file reports and checked everything over. Hopefully other people do this too (?) it's always good to check to see that everything is right. If not it gives you the opportunity to contact them to correct it. So that's what I did.

Meanwhile I'm waiting to check out another condo. Not in the market right NOW to purchase but I feel like I should see what's out there, for how much, just to prepare myself to get another one. I'd like to have maybe 2 more small condos plus move to another duplex, likely all by late next year. That's feasible. I'm looking at long term investments that over the next 5-10-15 years will build equity, give a small monthly allowance and later (once paid off) will provide healthy stable monthly income. I'm hesitant to get into "too many" places (?) unless I was incorporated. Not that doing so protects me 100% from defaulting on things, but it does lower tax implications, may offer more creative financing options, yada yada. From what I hear normally you incorporate once you have 3 or more properties. I'm working with my accountant to gauge my situation and plan way, way ahead... YEARS down the road. I like that kind of planning.

Back to that lottery, though. I find it soo amazing that here we are, Jupiter and Uranus where they are, planets of money and surprises and the lottery is at an all time amazing record amount ! Isn't that hilarious?! Of course lottery sales are up 85% which is expected =P Good luck to all (and ME!!! lol) If anything we all purchased a ticket to hope and happiness, and that's worth a buck or two anyways. =)

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