Monday, May 17

Uneventful days are so nice! I did very little today; taking this vacation time very much to heart. I did, of course, go for my 75 minute routine walk and stick to "The Plan". I pruned a few trees, hauled up some laundry, made some meals, napped twice (*blush*) and it was gooood...! Spent the rest of the time diddling around online investigating my thoughts from yesterday about real estate.
Never thought about buying a parking lot. That's a new one. Or agricultural land, although I know a few peeps that own farm land and rent it out which is a really cool [Prairie] idea... I peeked at a few recreational properties on the MLS as well, but really nothing fascinating or jumping out at me. Liking the parking lot idea though. Found a few condos of interest in the downtown core area. Still stumped by the 'how would I pay for the downpmt' part. Have to find that answer somewhere.
Next week there is a free local real estate course coming up which I signed up for and now wonder whether I should bother to attend. You see, I'm one of those nerds that try to google and background check and investigate (in my own online way) people. And the guy hosting this gig next week has well... seemingly questionable merits shall we say? He listed some people in his Testimonials section on his recent newsletter. So I contacted them and said hi, what do you know about this guy. And I find out that the testimonial was more of words of encouragement from one of his teachers, not someone HE had taught. When I contacted her, she stated he was a plumber in 2005 when she met him and with her direction, bought his first rental condo that year. Now according to HIS site he is far more established than this. To quote from him, "
Since 2003, I’ve been the driving force behind purchasing 60 rental doors, four commercial condos and I also built two custom homes to sell. Together these properties totaled over $5.8 million. Increasing property values are continually building equity and cash flow is reinvested. If things go as planned, I expect to be out of the Rat Race by summer 2011!" So uh, not to totally dismiss him and his poor grammar, but I am a few feet beyond skeptical at this moment. I usually am when people go from plumber to self professed millionaire in a few short years.
Anyhoo, dunno whether to write it off yet or not. Sometimes you can learn stuff from people if you can sort of ignore or look past the hype and bulls*it. Sometimes good lessons come from poor teachers =P Who knows.


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