Sunday, May 16

My scale is broken. Apparently it reads the numbers in the wrong order =P
Good news and bad news is I'm 4 pounds less than I was a year ago! Woot woot! So back on the pony, with a 13 week calendar plan and my regimen posted on the wall. Really I'm not as concerned as likely I should be (?) or as perhaps other people would be had they gained back what they lost. But I know (like I really, really know, it's ridiculous actually) exactly what to do, how to do it, when to do it and what the result will be. Bodies are very simple mechanical things. It's calories in, calories out, eat this, burn that. It's the mental part that takes some doing. Behaviours you have to change. Self discipline you have to enforce. Self VALUE that needs to take priority.
I got up today with that mind set flicked back on. I don't know specifically what made it come out but I'm going with it. I walked 75 minutes (about 7km) first thing this morning, started the day with fruit and skim milk, the whole 9 yards. I figure by Labour Day I'll be back down where I was LAST Labour Day with the same focus. One day at a time is how we go.
This week everything should come to a close, financially speaking (*crosses fingers*) Some loose ends to tie up; we'll see where the chips land. My tenants in the duplex gave me notice for July 31. I look forward to new (dogless) tenants moving in sometime in August (no offense to dog owners, I just don't want to rent to them). I briefly considered selling the one half then hilariously I stumbled across this post about eating your babies that made me realize the fault in that plan.
Funny- one thing about real estate investing that is difficult to come to terms with is the pace at which the investments grow, which is S L O W L Y. I don't do slow very well. The good news about investing is you grow equity while someone pays down your mortgage for you. The sort of not so good news is you deal with the nuisance stuff, maintenance and minor annoyances meanwhile and over 10, 15, 20 years you are building income (unless you sell for a profit beforehand and reinvest in another investment vehicle of some sort). I feel good about having gotten into it with the level of knowledge I already had, but I need to learn so much more. Like how do you finance more properties with no cash for a downpmt? Or what's the best way to find pre-qualified pre-screened tenants? How do you create lease to own options (which opens a can of other questions related to that)? How do you get into commercial properties like 6 or 8 plexes? How do you finance renovations to create condos in multi unit buildings?

Anyways I'm going to try to find those kinds of answers this year. These are big questions with big complicated answers. Maybe if I were less big I could comprehend them =P

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Julie Broad said...

HAHA!! I was looking through the links on my blog and found that you'd linked back to me!! What a funny post!! And I am so glad my video stopped you from eating your babies. Real estate is a game of lag ... it takes time. That said I know you're kicking butt and it won't be long before you have all those answers and are asking new questions (because I find that there are always new questions that come up ...) haha!!

Thanks for sharing my video!!