Thursday, May 13

New moon in Taurus today. I hope this is good... According to Astrogrrl (which I REALLY encourage you to read) this new moon brings financial luck, clarity and practicality to things that are or aren't working and a healthy dose of reality. That part sucks. I am ridiculously aware of what isn't working, thanks Universe. No advice required. Question is only whad-am-i-gonna-do-about-it.
I found out I have a low thyroid, apparently. Got retested today just to confirm but I'm pretty confident the original conclusion was correct. The weight gain, the fatigue, the muscle aches all support it. I'll go see them again early next week to re-confirm and find out what I can take (or should eat?) to correct it. I see that high iron is bad, but high iodine diets are good (fish, good proteins). Not supposed to consume obvious things like junk food (duh), caffeine (oy) and alcohol (sigh) but less obvious foods like broccoli, cabbage, mustard, some nuts, soy... That's interesting. I'll check with the doctor next week and start fixing my internal boo boo.

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