Thursday, May 13

Cats are evil.
The hormonal ones are worse. Guido is having some moments I would rather he not have lately. He's in heat, and very aggressivley marking his territory (which is apparently oh... my BED, my CLOSET, my COUCH, and my Nana's dining room chair). (NOTED that you should NEVER adopt cats that are not fixed when you haven't got the ability to pay for this surgery WELL WELL inad advance of stories such as these...) Every day I am finding myself enraged to a new higher level that I did not know existed. Today Guido found a new caged home in the basement until Guido's surgery date which is scheduled for "AS SOON AS I CAN FIND SOME SCISSORS AND HIS NUTS". Should go well, I'll keep you posted.
Meanwhile, I will be purchasing great amounts of strongly scented laundry detergent and detailing my house for weeks on end. Apparently this will be how I spend my upcoming vacation, searching for Sears carpet and upholstery cleaning discounts.
In happier moments I enjoy Febreeze. Good product. And incense. Bleach also. Good.
/puts self in sterile, clean zen environment.... ahhh

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