Tuesday, May 18

Relieved to hear that my previous tenant (36) who had surgery today for stage 4 cancer in his throat/ vocal chords is now on the road to recovery. He literally found out within the past oh, six weeks that he had cancer, let alone a stage 4 aggressive tumor that was literally strangling him. Yesterday he was rushed to emerg with difficulty breathing- I have to confess I was pretty worried for them. Makes you stop and take a moment to reflect on your own health when people practically your own age experience things like this. Really glad to hear it was successful; now all I can do is hope for him and his GF that they are able to mend and focus on recovery. A long road ahead of them for sure.
Today is a beautiful day. Summer-like weather, just a nice slow pace to the day, leisurely moments. Went for the usual epic walk this morning although today's turned into a full out 90 minute hike after a few misguided turns in some neighbourhoods. But what the hell, I got more exercise. Emailed a few friends that I've been thinking about with their own health issues. Wondering how they are, keeping them in my thoughts.
Keep your health on your mind. It's the only thing you have at the end of the day, beyond anything material, beyond anything at all. Be greatful, be healthy.
ps if you're wondering what these little fractions are about, here's the deal. Some much more courageous bloggers who are working to lose weight actually write a similar fraction at the end of their posts, but it goes something like this : current weight/goal weight. I am way too chicken to do that. In person I will tell you everything and more than you wanted to know about me. I'll tell you my weight, my shoe size, my personal life in every glaring unflattering detail. Online, not as much.So my progress will be noted as pounds lost/ pounds to go.That's as brave as I am willing to be. =P

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