Wednesday, May 19

I wanted to start a new blog today but I encountered some challenges. I wanted ONE blog (this one) to be public, and my NEW blog to be invite only. But I don't think that Blogger allows you to do that. I believe that your settings apply to whatever blogs you have in your list, meaning it's all or nothing. Unless someone knows differently? If you do, let me know. If not, I'll have to create a second Google account to make my new blog which is probably more work than it's worth.
Guido- my lovely long haired black and white boy cat- has gone to the vets today to be neutered. My poor Guido. He's going to wake up and wonder where his nuts went. And why we're so mean to have them removed when he was enjoying them so much. Yesterday he peed on our bed for oh, the third time in a month. He marked the couch, the doormat, any laundry left on the floor- whatever he could pee on, he peed on. I'm hoping we're going to see this marking of the territory aspect cured from his procedure. I'm getting very irritated doing laundry all the bloody time, and our house reeking like frisky feline. Febreeze can only do so much. He was very stressed going to the vets- it was his first trip in a car ever, since I brought him home as a wee kitten last July. He shivered and shook, wide eyed and scared =( Poor Guido ! We sat in the parking lot of the vets for about 10 minutes, letting him relax from the four minute drive and discussing what he was in for =P I'm sure he'll be fine.
Gorgeous day today- summer is here and isn't a minute too soon. Walked another 80 minutes today and took it all in. I had a moment when I realized I was on vacation, I was doing what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it, because I can, and I smiled soooo big knowing I had nothing to do but whatever I planned for myself! HA! Thems good times there!!


Debbi said...

no, remember when I started Nine Peas? You can make ONE invite only, and still have another public (Daisyhalos).

I don't remember HOW I did it. But it can be done without creating a new account.

~n~ said...

poor Guido... but it's in his best interests.

A was very confused today trying to imagine it was actually sunny in 'Peg while it was raining buckets here. ("The whole world is raining right now!") ohhhh to be 6 again! Glad you're enjoying the sunshine. Good for you for walking! That's awesome.

Enjoy your hols... a few more days? i can't remember.

holymotherofgod said...

I prefer to think of it as a week left =) I go back to work actually on Thurs. 29 degrees yesterday, I think around 25 today. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!