Saturday, May 22

LOVING the google playable pacman game logo OMG! I got a few free men, I got skillz yo...
Man, I miss that stuff LOL !
Spent the last couple days (still on track 100%) completing some old business and investigating some new. Old business solved is yep, I have a lazy low thyroid. It's not fatal of course =) but it does hinder my metabolism and efforts to lose and keep off the pounds which rather licks. Minor trauma; with concerted effort and focusing on the right fire-inducing foods I can probably get my mojo back on track. We're going to test again in a few months and see if my own personal efforts can fix it or if I need medication to kick start things. I guess normal TSH levels are supposed to be from 0.50 to 5.0 and mine is closer to 6. I see from some online conversations that people consider normal or average levels best around 3.0 but certainly 6.0 is not well over the 5.0 normal maximum range. Let's face it, most health issues can be resolved with good ole diet and exercise so that's where I'll continue to focus my efforts. It's been a good strong solid effort in week one, just another oh, 12 weeks to go.
In other news I've been exploring the REIN website and (admittedly) checking out some people holding real estate seminars out here. Can't say they have gotten any glowing reviews nor do many people suggest that their $1000 courses are at all worth it. Some of the courses are more like marketing gigs to upsell you to ANOTHER level of training that costs 5 times that, and so on it goes. I think networking with more seasoned investors is definitely the way to go. People who DO the work will know the ins and outs. I need to find people who will share knowledge, read some more books and blogs, and due diligence will lead the way. Having said this I would LIKE to take some sort of formal training sometime this year. Nothing seems to really exist though, that explains the ins and outs of joint venture partnerships/ pros and cons of creating corporations/ commercial or multi purpose real estate investing. REIN is prominent in Alberta but non-existent in Manitoba. Nor do many rent to own companies exist here in this province. I wonder if it's restricted here or just has not caught on? (Aren't they just VTB mortgages under the umbrella of a long term lease agreement?) One would think that people would WANT to own their own places as opposed to throwing away rent(?) Is it because this province lets people write off their rent at tax time (only allowed in MB, Quebec and Ontario) ... is that why they don't own?! I dunno. With a 1% vacancy rate you'd think people would be motivated to find a place to live, regardless of what agreement they have to enter!!!!
Anyways, final stretch of the mortgage refinance which is S T I L L O N G O I N G. Omg longest journey to the ends to the earth everrrrrrrrrr. Supposed to hear from the lawyer Monday and receive funds (*crosses fingers*) All I want is to pay my bills off !!!!!!!!!

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