Sunday, May 23


Lost finale.
Watched the entire show including the pre-show show recapping the season and talking to the actors about their experience.
I won't spoil for people watching in other areas as I blog this (not that Twitter didn't COMPLETELY ruin that for anyone reading it!) but my personal feeling after all is said and done? I laughed, I cried, my heart strings were pulled and I still have questions LOL.... Like who was that kid that was supposedly Jack's son... and a hundred other things.
Omg though, what a great, great series.
We would be so very lucky to ever watch something of that quality again.
Amen to Lost.


Anonymous said...

After six years, the BEST they could come up with was a variation on "it was all a dream"? What a huge disappointment....

holymotherofgod said...

I soooooooo know. And I'm confused on many points. Seriously needs a sequel called FOUND.