Tuesday, May 25

I'm fully nerding out. Spent the last couple days researching and reporting on my own properties and assessing others. I discovered what return on investment I'm exactly getting on each property and projected what gains I could make over 5 yrs with my equity on each place.

I'm looking 5yrs and longer down the road. I'm trying to see where this is all headed- where am I taking myself?! I'm trying to specify what the GOALS are, what the complications could be, what LIFESTYLE I'm looking to achieve and literally what that costs. These are big things to think out. Me, I have to get that stuff on paper and SEE it to realize where I'm going. I'm a list maker and a goal setter. Without something on the horizon I just would not know what to do with myself.

Having said that, goals are good and all, but I have to remind myself that Rome was not built in a day. Rushing has consequences. Quit trying to rush the process. Due diligence, a little nerdy research, lots of time and stand back to see if what you're mentally painting is the picture you wanted to see. So I need to take pause, which means putting the pen and calculator down and actually seeing what I have already.

Should be nice tomorrow. Going to soak up some sun that last day and take it in as long as I can. Put the PEN DOWN already !!
Enjoy the sun if you have it.

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