Monday, March 22

Here's to tomorrow being Super.
I've been to Vicious Monday and Caustic Sunday and all those other days; it's time for some Super to show up !! Super Tuesday is overdue in my world =P
Been on a long, long journey here with this subdivision process and I am so ready to let it complete. I'd love for my taxes to get done, to receive that one elusive missing T4 that mysteriously has not yet appeared, and for things to just finish in general.
My shoulders have been one aching mess for the last 2 weeks. Can't hardly lift my arms or type without twinges while I move around. It's all very transparent and obvious; shoulder pain is related to shouldering responsibility/ shoulder to the grindstone/ pushing against the weight of the world. Yes, yes, yes I get that. So how do I make it stop- let someone else take on my burdens lol!?! Seriously, if someone's willing to take it on let me know and I'll gladly pass it to them ! Maybe I can put an add on Kijiji and see if anyone's interested =P I'll see if Atlas is busy.
Speaking of which though, I did get new tenants for our condo via an internet ad recently. They move in next week and have signed a one yr lease. One thing off my list, and supporting my evidence of Good Things Coming.
Super Tuesday is here, people ! Enjoy it - I'll try to post some more Good News when it pops up ....

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~n~ said...

i didn't realize condo folks had decided to leave. but GREAT news that you already have new tenants! WAHOO! see? good things are here, not coming. they're HERE already!

ya, i gotta get those taxes done, too. PRAYING for a return, lay awake the other night worrying about it. blehhh.

hmmm... you could probably use some reiki for that shoulder pain. and ya, try posting a kijiji ad for it, lmao. or maybe an ad like the "you pissed me off" column in the back of Monday magazine out here?! hilarious.

alright, well, take care & aren't you on holidays right now?! ;)