Saturday, March 27

This one computer household is getting pretty tough. I am down to probably less than one hundredth of the time I used to spend on it hence the low number of posts here, and even less emails that eminate from me. When my computer was operating I would start and end the day on it every day. Now- I am lucky to pop on for 15 minutes at best a day to check emails which center solely around the subdivision and our mortgages. However the flip/ good side is that I've managed to focus more time to relaxing, reading, painting and such.
The kittens are now 3 weeks old- eyes open, arms and legs starting to support them more. Up til now they've been very wobbly with little bobble heads teetering around in the closet, stepping on and over one another. Now their bright little curious eyes take in everything around them. Still not ready to come off mom's nipple but growing steadily stronger and steadier day by day.
Went for lunch with a highschool friend's mom the other day which was a welcome visit from another province. Gave me much to think about. Funny- she has just started to explore Facebook and her grandson is apparently taking to it like a duck to water. Me, I cannot get the point of it. I can do without Twittering or posting on walls or knowing what each of my 258 friends are doing at any given moment. No offense but truly it makes no difference to me that someone just buttered their toast.
Anyhoo back to work today after 10 days off. Could easily take another week were it available but sadly have to wait now until May for vacation time again. 50 days to go.....
Oh last thing- full moon in Libra this weekend:
Full Moon in Libra: glamming it up; adding sophistication to your wardrobe; luxury and refinement; righting a wrong; pursuing justice; being forceful with an alternative narrative; pushing your ideas through (with tact); choosing another path; weighing your options; clear-sight; reaching for ideals; championing human rights; being a voice for truth; overcoming polarity-thinking. Celebrate being together and work together to achieve common goals. If there is something you want to do as a group, this is a great time to take action to bring that in, provided it is for the good of everyone concerned ."
Food for thought.

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~n~ said...

well, i for one, am missing your online presence. hope you find a 'puter-solution soon...

thx for the update, tho!