Thursday, March 11

Apparently yesterday was my "MERCURY RETURN" according to my astro chart I regularly read. I didn't know this until TODAY, though, so I find it humerous that yesterday I managed to call 2 friends from the past whom I spoke to on the phone for no less than 2 hours. AND I wrote several heated intellectual letters -one disputing WHY a marketing company must NOT assume one to be married and address ANY woman as a MRS lest they meet someone like ME. (Grrr I haaaaaaaaaate that. My MOTHER is the only Mrs E that currently exists in our family, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.) Mind you, their mailing me this letter afforded me a rant that I haven't unleashed for quite a while, so I'm quite thankful to them for providing me with a sense of self righteousness. =P
In NON astrology news, I am rather excited to FIIIIIIIINALLY move forward on my subdivision that has been drrrrraaaaaagggggging on and on and on for some time. Holy MOTHER. If we didn't run into one obstacle, it was another. The biggest apparent hang up was that both units share a common 20 foot driveway that exits on ONE property, so that cars for the OTHER side of the duplex have to drive OVER the other unit's backyard to access said driveway. Well, if we didn't have to (our lawyer, that is) write an epic BEN HUR or WAR and PEACE length 6 paragraph explanation of a bloody common driveway, which after being written had to be read by others who approved or wagged fingers at it. But finally TODAY it was approved and went through. Truthfully and very regrettably our lawyer will never be fully reimbursed for the countless hours he put into OUR case alone, just working on this one issue. I believe if truth be told he counted up what we owe him it would literally be around $10K I bet. Easily. $200 an hour times several 40 hour weeks. Oy.
Next step is MOVING FORWARD to completing this bad boy- we sign, the mortgage lender signs, the city signs, the land titles receives, the seperate titles are created and handed over. HOPEFULLY by the end of this month.
Now back to astrology. SOOOO interesting that Monday, when we sign with the lawyer, is the New Moon in Pisces. "Purging bad emotions & thoughts that hold us back". This was the theme of a discussion I had with my friend yesterday on the phone. Maybe having my moon in Pisces makes me more prone to this issue (?) but I am the queen of lamentation, the duchess of doom and gloom sometimes. Things go poorly and I whip out a list of other shit that went wrong to add to it and read later!! I have THE hardest time seeing the GOOD in crappy situations. Not a spin doctor. Not my forte. So this is my quest. LEARN to replace the tape in the head. LEARN to treat my Self with respect and live a more healthy lifestyle. LEARN to move forward with a smile and grace.

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~n~ said...

WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! that is SOOOOO wonderful about the subdivision!!!

and you're not ALL gloom & doom, LMAO.... no, no, it's all good. besides, it's genetic. ha ha ha