Friday, February 5

This is where things will finally start to get going. In about every direction. All at once.
Next week, first thing Monday morning, we meet with our lawyer once again to get more papers signed. Those papers go to Land Titles. They do their thing. Those titles come back to the lawyer. We sign them (I assume), they get sent to our lender. Lender will hum and haw and figure out just how do you split a mortgage in half?
Over the next few weeks (and while all this paperwork is being shuffled between these different people and agencies) we paint, we cover up (inserts halo) we clean, we organize, we hide junk and clutter; we prepare to have our homes assessed around I'd guess the end of February.
The week of February 22 I get my T4 (and hopefully his come in the mail). We see the accountant; she does our taxes, we file for refunds. We see that in the mail in ohhhh, March.
Early to mid March everything should be finished (*fingers crossed*).
It's a looooong process; a looooong journey and there is much, much to do.

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