Saturday, February 6

I was just wandering around online trying to find newspaper headline generators and found a couple that are fun.
This one, left, can be found here.
Another one that actually makes an ARTICLE is here. But don't get too wordy, as I discovered. It cuts off after a bit (guessing 200 words?)
Tell you one amazing find I had this morning. My cat Mister Bob is fifteen this year. He is overweight, largely due to his epilepsy and arthritis medication. Often he falls off the couch, slipping behind the sectional and the wall and gets stuck back there because he's unable to jump back up. He's just too fat and not as nimble as his younger, spryer self.
So this morning I open the cans of catfood for everyone's breakfast (we have a total of 4 cats, what can I say) and only 3 show up. No Mister Bob. Well, he must be behind the couch- that's sad. I go check behind the couch; no Bob. Hmmm. This can't be good. I look around in other places. No Bob. Uh oh. I return to our big couch sectional, thinking he must be behind one side or the other although they look like they're tight against the wall. I peer down the narrow crack that exists between couch and wall and lo and behold, there's a Bobby.
Omg. How long have you been there !
I know I saw him before I left for work yesterday at lunchtime; got home very late last night at 11pm and was in bed by midnite. I did not think to do a headcount of cats before bed. I assumed everyone was around, in some place or another!
Poor Bob....!!

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~n~ said...

ohhhhh poor bobby!! glad you found him, though! :)