Thursday, February 4

I don't normally watch Oprah as a rule. But I'm lying there last night waiting to fall asleep and she was on TV at 1am, with Fantasia. I don't watch American Idol either, but Fantasia was talking about how people perceived her after she won, and where all her money went. She said some people were harsh; they expected her to pay for their lives, pay their way- be the honey pot. When she said no to them (finally) they accused her of changing.
I know other people who 've had this happen. People who - thinking the money was never ending- paid for far more than they could. Who doesn't want to be generous and share. Certainly there is a limit to what you can do for others, and saying no can be tough.
I thought about this theme while I was going to sleep- saying no and drawing lines in the sand. I thought about people who stand up for themselves because it's what's right and necessary for them. I thought about people who are surrounded with, and have to live up to, expectations or a certain role that they perform (like celebrities, like professionals, like sports heros or royalty).
Very interesting when you contemplate that. It's human nature to see a person in a certain role or certain light, and not allow them to live outside of that space that you've designated to define them. Hence every tabloid that exists, galking at every celebrity with no make up on doing their grocery shopping. Like normal human beings. But we- the public- have difficulty fathoming that they just have jobs that require a lot of makeup and lighting, wardrobe , lines and roles. They aren't PEOPLE. They're ACTORS. You can translate that to any of the other people I said back there- all normal, flawed human beings.
Which brings me full circle back to Fantasia. Her song Even Angels was exactly about that- flaws. People need to be gentle with themselves, and with others. We're all human.


Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Reus Catalonia
thank you

~n~ said...

(i've never heard of Fantasia) but i agree with what you say...

now i wanna know what you dreamt of last night, LOL.