Saturday, February 20

I spent the last month counting down to this particular weekend.
FIVE DAYS OFF all together; it was like a break in the clouds in a rainstorm!! I shouldn't sing that stupid little song that I do all the time (the SORRY YOU LOSE, wah wah wah waaaaah decrescendo-ing trumpet one... go here and hit A G# G and F#) because knowing how the Law of Attraction works, you do it- you invite it. I sing the tune of disappointment and guess what? My holiday starts with it.
Night before mini vacation, my new free laptop that I've had for 3 months has an epic failure and the video card dies. I think my things on the hard drive are still good, but hell if I can see anything. Black screen of death. Day one of mini vacation, and HIS computer blows up in a puff of smoke. Numerous hissy fits and f sharps fly, down to one computer, two people chronically addicted to online life. This is so not good.
On one hand I am secretly happy. This forces both of us not to dick around on it wasting countless hours doing useless things. On the other, as soon as you lose the ability to communicate in your preferred manner, or search things like recipes for dinner, or want to finish the files for your taxes, THEN it gets annoying.
I am also quite confident that both defects are covered by warranty- the laptop video card likely is, and the motherboard for the PC certainly is. It's just TIMING, but nonetheless likely not an expense. THIS is good.
Regardless I won't be around as much in ohhhh, who knows how long. In frequently at best. So bear with me, this could be interesting. Nothing like an instant life change to force you to evaluate your more inert habits !


~n~ said...

say, how much is a motherboard anyways. we have a computer needing one of those, too.

sorry for your troubles - that totally sucks. maybe it'll be that needed nudge to spend more time gazing into each other's eyes?! (lol)

call me. i'm sitting around doing nothing, too.

Anonymous said...

Couple hundred bucks for a motherboard; laptop has an integrated video card so I think it's pooched now. =( But at least one is sort of fixable.