Wednesday, February 24

My dreams lately have involved a lot of open water.
Night before last I remember my dream ended with me being transported from one shore to another in a weird rubber boat that I was told was a template for a steel one. But it will work for now. It looked viking like with odd patterns in the hull and flexed as it went over the water.

Last night I dreamt I was preparing for a funeral at the side of a lake. Myself and some other people were transporting various furniture items to this lakeside spot. There was a piano, a pew- like bench, 2 card tables near a small open wooden shelter (like a
campsite). The skies were starting to cloud, and I recalled seeing a weather forecast that the overnight prediction was rain or some sort of precipitation. Don't we need to cover things? Shouldn't we get some blankets and tarps or shrink wrap?! No, they assured me, it would be okay.
I guess death or the departed are on my mind, and I find myself thinking a lot about the future. On Monday night a close family friend of His died after years of on and off battles with cancer. He was 75. We talked about memories of this man coming for dinner when he was a kid, hanging out with his parents, schooling him on judo. Today is the one yr anniversary for my friend Pam, who I was also sad to see go.
The thing about death is we all go there, and depending on your faith or perspectives, you may feel that it is just a change in existence rather than an end. At my nana's funeral I will never forget the poem read about the dragonfly. It was such a great illustration for me of what I think happens. No loss, just change.
On a lighter note and continuing on the topic of change, the other theme running through my mind lately is the future. A constant question I think is, "If someone told you what your life would be like in ten years, would you believe them?!" If I look not just at myself but at friends who have made life altering decisions in the past decade, I guarantee we would all be amazed at what has transpired.
Good or bad, hard or easy, change is amazing. I still need to write my Future Self and put the letters away. I'm thinking i'll do this for my birthday next month- write myself in a year, in 5 yrs and in 10. The trick will be not LOSING them over that amount of time lol!! I'll have to file them with my mementos that I never look at and hope that sometime years from now when I'm cleaning them out, I'll find them =)

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