Wednesday, January 20


Five days of feeling gross.
Started Saturday- all day I felt like I was made of iron; felt like I was dragging my body around. I thought at a few points that I was going to black out, and I've never done that in my life. But I felt like I could. Like any second I was going to drop. My knees ached, my back ached, my elbow ached (weird?) and my feet hurt. Sunday, still felt like I was made of lead until later that night then puke puke puke. Monday back to feeling like lead, dry heaves all day. Tuesday, same. Today I'm just soooooooo tired. Listless.
Meanwhile, while I'm ill, you'd think I could turn my brain off so I can rest but noooo. Monday night literally all I heard as I laid my head on my pillow was that high pitched squealing noise in my mind, like I'd been to a rock concert or something. And I spent the day READING! Apparently really loud words (?!) The hamster is going 90 miles an hour while the body is stationary.
Yesterday to help alleviate this I slept, then got up and wrote things down, I read some more, I sorted through some piles on the coffee table.
Today I'll slowly regroup and force myself back into the walk of things. I'd say swing of things, but that involves too much motion and energy. Todaywe're walkin' it out. One step at a time.

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~n~ said...

DUDE! that's NASTY. (i was wondering what was up) geez, i hope you're feeling better... and taking time off work???

i'll be around on sat/sun if you've got some time, gimme a call and we'll catch up. :)

hugs; hope you feel better sooooooon