Friday, January 22

Yep, not holding my breath.
But dammit....
Or else I'll just continue doing what I'm doing. Which is also fine. But the alternative is better. Waaaaaaay better....dont worry if you wonder what the hell I'm talking about, only 3 people know what the hell i mean.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch... I've been in a zone lately. A good zone actually. One where I've actually been looking for specific examples in my life of things going WELL. And looking at examples or signs of me doing "good things". Affirming why I am here, what I can do for myself and for others, and more than anything, how our lives affect each other. I think it's so amazing how things we simply SAY to each other can affect how we FEEL about things and then CHANGE things in each other's lives. That is so powerful. Simple words.
Overall I feel like I'm on the right road. Kind of a long windy one, but it's a good road. Maybe its best to be on the road that doesn't go straight to the destination, I mean what good would that be anyways? What would you get out of life if you skipped the lessons and just got the answers?

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~n~ said...

um, i guess i'm not one of the chosen 3, or i'd know what's goin' on in your life? (or maybe i am and i'm COMPLETELY stunned, that could also be the case, lol)

long windy west coast roads are better than prairie roads any day. ha ha ha