Thursday, January 14

Cosmic Changes

Well, we're almost out of the clutches to Mercury being retrograde. January 15 he goes direct, February 4 his shadow follows him. Meanwhile it's been all about false starts and broken resolutions, cars not starting (course, that coulda been the cold the last few weeks!), computers acting funky ( had to re-format mine TWICE), miscommunications and - on the GOOD side- completing old tasks that were lying around on the back burner waiting for us to get to them. me, I finished some Big Stuff that was sitting there and some little things that needed to be done. I made one false start at the gym but am geared to get back at 'er again. Someone I know bought skates and they were 2 left feet. This is a Mercury retrograde gremlin =P Kind of hilarious since 2 left feet indicates a clumsiness or inablility to be graceful LOL...

Meanwhile elsewhere in The Universe, we have a New Moon in Capricorn tomorrow evening.

"Capricorn wants long-term gains, lasting conclusions, predictable
cause-and-effect patterns of operation, permanent structures, reliable
consequences, things it can count on being around tomorrow, and next week, and
next year, and on, and on, and on. Capricorn is into empire-building and the
establishment of institutions and government. It is the champion of authority
and tradition, the proponent of law and order, and sometimes the militant
disciplinarian. Above all, Capricorn knows how to endure."

Oh, we're ALL about enduring. Two left feet and all.

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