Sunday, January 10

Aries (March 21-April 19) 2010

Oh my! You're entering a two-year window where great change takes place. Since 1996, you reshaped your values, changed or modified where you live, and changed your job as well. You're the new you! At this point, you're going to shift to a more public focus. For the next 15 years, you'll boost your career, your public reputation, and the way others perceive you. Right now, romance, love affairs, sports, playful activities with children, and vacations are your top priority, and will continue to be so well into the summer. "Time for fun!" (You might meet a "teacher" or play this role for someone else. Either way, your capacity to learn will definitely increase.)

Gemini (May 21-June 20) 2010

Finally! This is your year to "get ahead in the world." For the first time since 1998, lucky Jupiter is sailing across the top of your chart. (Jupiter represents wealth, good fortune, expansion, wisdom, and joy.) Not bad, eh? Therefore, you'll easily attract opportunities to promote your good name. Expect a promotion. Expect to change jobs. Expect to travel. Expect to meet influential people. What really kick starts this off is the fact that fiery Mars is giving all your communications some oomph! This influence lasts into the summer. You have a golden tongue! You will persuade, sell, influence, teach, market, act, and convince anyone of anything!

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~n~ said...'s all about ABUNDANCE and prosperity for me!!! :D

""Oh, how the money rolls in!" In the next 18 months, you will boost your earnings. You'll certainly boost your assets. You're going to feel richer, even if you have to buy the stuff. Your cash flow will increase in both directions. At a subtle level, what's happening is you have the ability to materialize or actualize what it is you most value. Ironically, it might not even be related to money and stuff. What you might increase in your life is independence, justice, or some other valued attribute. What's happening is you're going to enrich your life this year -- and next! "

p.s. which paper carried georgia's full annual forecast - do you think it's online somewhere (vanc sun or province maybe)?

~n~ said...

i just re-read yours, and i'm amazed at this:

" for the next 15 yrs, you'll boost your career, public reputation and the way others perceive you." WTH? 15 *years*?!? That's quite the career move.

not to mention how "since 1996, you reshaped your values, changed or modified where you live, and changed yor job as well." no kidding. you have done so much since 1996... what a rollercoaster ride. wow WOW **WOW**