Saturday, January 9

I'm no creative genius but tonight I am going to cheat a little and do some literal cutting and pasting.

I'm making a new Vision Board.

Time to invite things in to my life- goals, good things in general. Create focus areas and fine tune my thoughts; put them on paper with images and words.

Not short term, bursts of BS like most people's new year's resolutions are, but ideals and things I need for my Self for the long term. Things I can possibly accomplish throughout this year and maybe even in future years.

Takes quite a while to make a good Vision Board, I find. You need time to let it develop. As soon as you start thinking about one aspect (say health) you'll find yourself contemplating about what health is for you. What does it mean? How many things can I incorporate into my life to become healthier? Or financial; same thing. Or education- what do I want to learn? What would I like to explore?

Looking forward to creating this one. I feel the need to be more specific. To find what really matters. This should be good. This will be good.

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~n~ said...

you're no creative genius, my ASS.

your vision board looks amazing! :)