Wednesday, January 6

Yes !
I did it right at the gym- I woke up stiff =P
You always know you got results when you try to yawn and realize your arms don't want to lift beyond shoulder height LOL !
All that and a measly one pound loss woooo-EEE !
Look at me gooooo....
Today I targeted more abs and cardio. Every time I crunched up I felt TOTAL pins and needles, oy vey! But hey, no pain no gain.
Been listening to all sorts of reports about new year's resolutions. I tend to not make them, but instead I regularly make (and revise) personal goals throughout the year as situations arise and life throws you those curveballs. I'd rather continually plan and revise, than make unsustainable or unachievable goals, setting myself up for disappointment and failure. I'd prefer to set myself up for success and things in my life I can manage long term.
I was talking to someone about real estate yesterday. Someone close to them lost a pile of money FLIPPING houses. I personally would not be interested in flipping- the risk for me is simply too high. I would prefer to own, rent, keep long term and hey if the market escalates and it makes sense for me to sell for a profit, then I would consider selling. But ideally I have a much longer perspective on it (20 years). I started investing in real estate at age 35- if I use a 20 yr timespan, the idea of the investments is to continue to have money generating properties into my later years. My "vision" of investing in real estate is not to make quick money or find some sort of pie in the sky, easy financial fixes. Those opportunities may exist, but come with substantial risk and short term returns.
My interest for 2010 lies with completing my current real estate projects and seeing what I reap at tax time, if anything, from these investments. I'm currently reading 97 tips for canadian real estate investors. Granted the book was written in 2006 before the market pooped out, but the wisdom within remains. Some of the 97 tips are simple, like piss or get off the pot or quit singing from the sidelines about the woulda coulda if only I was in the game. Just do it - know that nothing ventured nothing gained. and know that FEAR is an inhibitor.
No matter what investment you have - even RRSPS - come with risk. All investments do. All markets are, to a degree, volatile, to lesser or higher degrees. My thoughts are that people will always need somewhere to live and they aren't making more land. Much like the grocery industry, people will always need to eat and therefore that industry will always remain. Or buy farmland because we'll always need a place to grow that food..!
That's my 2 cents for today. I should probably invest it and earn .000001 cents back on it in 20 years =P

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