Friday, December 18

So chaotic in December; the pace is go go go go go... FINISH LINE! Then we all decompress and pay (in most cases literally) for our overindulgence this month.
I decided to take a leaner approach this year. I wrote out the budget from Dec 1 to mid January, saw a financial planner for advice, saw my lawyer for direction about my properties. So far I have at least got myself pointed in the direction OF the finish line and am optimistic at this point that I'll have a good "finish" after a really, really hard year.

Chinese New Year isn't until Feb 14 2010, but finally we move from the year of the Ox (holy, hard work this year Batman) to the year of the Tiger. (I won't make any Tiger Woods jokes...pretty sure he's had his year already.) Tiger sounds much more promising after Ox; regardless of what astrology you follow (if any) I know simply from my experience that it'll be better already!!

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