Tuesday, December 15

New Moons are when we start new things, unblock and uncork! Make plans, project what you want. Start new, start now.

This New Moon in Sagittarius can help us understand how we can personally be of service to the world. Letting go of the need to be ‘first’ or to always have recognition for our accomplishments, we will be able to bring about positive change. Through giving of ourselves through service, we can heal and balance our personal karma and pay off old debts.

During this particular New Moon there are no planets in retrograde - this means the air is clear to focus on what is needed to bring satisfaction and happiness into our lives. This gives us a period of time when things are working with us and not against us. This New Moon is in Sagittarius; it asks us to dig deep, grasp the big picture and attune ourselves to those higher and loftier goals for the future. It is telling us that we need to reach for a more spiritual and loftier ambition for the welfare of humanity.

Go within at this time, where there are no disturbances- decide what is really important; what will make the difference in your life in the future.

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~n~ said...

so THAT's what's going on. the new moon. aargl aargl aarghh.