Saturday, December 12

The Future !!!

(suddenly I want to read Tom Swift...)

Anyhoo, someone emailed me today and jogged something. They said, (and who doesn't say this) "who knows what the future holds".


If I told myself 5 yrs ago where I would be today, I would laugh hysterically. And likewise had I told myself 5 years before that where I'd be in 5 yrs or what would be happening in my life, I'd tell myself to shut up. So where will I be in five years from now?!

A long time ago I read something about time capsules and future selves etc. Meaning you write yourself a letter and put it away. Or you can get with the times and email your future self if you really want to be nerdy. It's an actual lesson in goal setting for some people, writing on New Year's (or another significant date like a birthday) to yourself the following year or later what you want for yourself or where you'd like to be, have, know, experience or learn.

Some people write themselves in MUCH later stages of life, such as You at retirement. Or You at 80 or older. Can you imagine?! How wild would that be. Hey old lady, I'm on my laptop writing you listening to music online on my headphones. My future self will erupt in laughter at the old feeble technology used and what I did with my time at this point in my life =)

Plus with new year's almost here I always like to contemplate new beginnings and fresh starts, plans and goals. If I can, I like to get a head start on some resolutions. I have a pretty clear image of 3 specific things I'd like, all of which I'm already working on in varying stages of progress.

Pretty confident next year will be better than this. Positive, actually. And holymother, is it time !

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~n~ said...

it's a great thing to do - write/email your future self. i came across some old school assignments like that (one was even written in french!)... pretty funny to read now, years later.

do it - DO IT, i say! have some fun with it!

and here's lookin' to tomorrow! ;)