Sunday, December 20

I have always had a complete aversion to Survivor.
Never bought into, or wanted to witness a show, that supported (no wait- GLORIFIED) the whole process of strategic alliances, back stabbing, manipulation and lies. I am not a fan of that behaviour. I don't like politics; don't support the whole bullshitting process. Can't do it myself, nor would I. It goes against everything I was raised for, everything I know, everything I understand and appreciate.
Tonite I watched the finale for this season's episode. My BF has been bragging, supporting and yodeling about how fantastic Russell played. Russell was THE player. He strategized, he maniuplated, he openly confessed to using people, made friends while making enemies. As the game went on he got more and more confident and cocky, crowing about his upcoming win.
But he didn't win. Who won? The girl that played along side him. The companion; the one that wasn't a manipulator. The chick who played alliances, tried not to cross others and slid in under the radar. Russell lost to her simply and solely because of his open gloating, his cockiness and her subtlety. A prior contestant, Eric, came out and in the final jury, said hey- Natalie you should win simply for your ethics. Do we as a society reward manipulation and deviousness? Is this what we support? No- Natalie should win, he said, because she "played it right".
So here is to playing it right.
Here is to maintaining what you believe in, staying the course and knowing that when people do engage in that which is not RIGHT- they will eventually lose.
Amen. And congrats to NATALIE. (Yes, Russell you played well, if playing well means doing whatever it takes. And yes, you did outplay, outwit, outmanipulate, out-do everyone in the game. But tell me how it feels to WIN...)
Ah... But therein lies the rub. Did the one that PLAYED the game to win, lose to someone who didn't deserve it? That is equally a travesty. Too bad he didn't shut up towards the end. If only he hadn't been so boastful. Guaranteed he would have won. Don't toot too loud, or you'll be found obnoxious and not voted in!!!

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