Tuesday, December 29

Holidays please, with a side of obesity...

A trifle too much to eat !!!!
(And I mean that...)
Holymother, do the holidays do you in, eh? I swear, after tonight and maybe tomorrow I am SO back on track, and the gym ... Like soooo soon. Seriously. Right after I buy some pants with elastic waist bands....
Wow, it is such a 'trip' going back to BC when it's snowing in Winterpeg. And you get off the plane into plus five, green, lush British Columbia. No ice, no snow, no cold. Just green. Big trees. Elevation. Mountains. Ocean. And everything that is warm, good and familiar.
A quick trip it was, but I got the whole family in plus a rapid visit with Mireille et al. Surrounded by various kids related and not, I had a terrific visit overall.
I'm so incredibly lucky. I know the best people, I meet the best people and I am really, really lucky to have lived the life I have. I've experienced things, positive and negative, that have really affected me and changed (and continue to change) how I understand and appreciate life and my interactions with other people. I'm nowhere near done learning and quite often wrestle with the hard lessons. But I can say with complete certainty that I've lived more in 36 yrs than some, to be sure, and the constant change and flux of the learning process excites me.
I had more deja vu this visit than I can remember in recent times. People I met or saw that I swear I knew already. Sometimes that freaks me out, sometimes it reassures me. Mostly it makes me take notice and pay attention - more often than not it's a sign that there's something there I need to listen to.
I sat down on the plane on the way home and my seat mate Pat started talking to me about an incident that happened to her as a child. (Now, some people like to share their stories and some people prefer to sit on the bus and stare off into the distance. Me, I like to talk and share. I've said before that I'll likely be that crazy woman on the bus in my later years that talks about her life and cats to whoever sits next to her on the bus. Having said that, I will stand by the fact that our Human Experience comes down to sharing it with each other. If we don't, what the hell is the point of our existence? We're here to learn from one another, so listen up when someone shares something with you or starts talking. People are put in your experience for a reason. Look for what that reason is.) As soon as she started talking I had this little voice in my head say "listen, there's something in this you need to know". So I listened, and Pat had a great story to tell me. She had lived where I had in Langley. She had experiences or an understanding of experiences that I shared. I'm so glad to have met her and had the opportunity to learn about her, and share my stories as well.
What I appreciated in our discussion was acknowledging that we all have the ability to do something in your life that serves others. It's about finding what helps and heals other people or assists their life journey. Pat works in a small native community in a counselling capacity as does her spouse. I told her about Byron Katie, about Intervention, about understanding instead of judging, about Spiritual Business and some of my own life's epiphanies. I was really impressed that she is in the line of work she does. There is a certain kind of person capable of that life work and we need them to tell us about it. I hope she starts to blog about it; she has a lot to share.


~n~ said...

was thinking of you today, wondering how the trip back was... how did you manage to fit a trip in with mireille?!? and how did you make out going back... sleep on a bench in the airport or ???

you're not working wednesday, are you? if not, give me a call. i'll be home all day. i have to ration my gas for eternity. LMAO

~n~ said...

p.s. your cell takes great pictures.