Thursday, December 31

Well, I can say today that I have a few.

Friends, that is.

I came home, I got emails from here, from there, from that one, from this one. Soooo nice to know on all sorts of different topics, I have peoples =)

Hard transition today- DUDE. From that earthy, green, mild, ocean- mountain BC terrain to hey, you're in flat old snowy cold Winnipeg again- wasn't an easy day. I woke up, looked out the window- yup, there it is. Same as it always is. Oy. And yet they come BACK here like lemmings. What IS that about... WHY would you do that?! I cannot say that I get it. What is it about the Peg that is so magnetic for those born and bred here?!

Funny- my sister in law commented that isn't moving easy now that you've done it? They've moved to the Cayman Islands from Vancouver, to Calgary from Cayman; travelled to Greece, Cuba, Czech republic, Norway... the true world travellers of the family. And yes, she's absolutely right. Once you've made a "big move" to a new area, you can so do it again. It removes the fear- that feeling like "how would I fit in" or "who would I know". You just do- you meet people, you learn to fit in. You can do it anywhere.

Looks like they'll be in Alberta for a while. Alberta might be nice- at least in some spots you can see the rockies. Taxes are lower. Incomes are higher per capita.... I can see myself doing another move. Westward, ho !!! =P

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Anonymous said...

sure Alberta's west of Winnipeg, but nothing... and I mean NOTHING... beats B.C.!! ;) Green, mild, mountain, earthy, trees, ocean-frothy-waves 'n' surf...

Moving cities might be 'easy' but there's something about having attachment to PLACE. Just ask someone like Marlo who's the third generation in the area... or a First Nations person... us immigrants ain't got nothin' on them. Place is sacred. And moving regularly doesn't develop that, imo. Just my 2 cents, fwiw.

I'm glad you have friends. lmao of COURSE you have friends. you're lovable. ;)