Friday, November 13


I love these days. I feel like all things good come with the number 13. It's just BETTER and therefore MORE and GOOD than a dozen. It's like the Universe saying wait- if a full load is 12, let me give you just one more so you have MORE than enough! I like that energy =) It's also a dyslexic 31, which is my birthday (inserts halo) which MUST be good. It's the mirror image of that day so even more proof that today is good. There are 13 lunar/moon cycles each year. Oddly just reading Wikipedia and LESS accidents, LESS thefts occur on Friday the 13ths. How interesting!

Let's explore the myth of the number 13 some more... Italy considers 13 a lucky number. In Hindi the number 13 is the word TERAH which means YOURS, connecting to giving and connecting to others through "the Universe", "Source" or "God". Jews say boys become men at 13 and The Torah (most sacred book in the Jewish religion) has 13 Attributes of Mercy. North American culture (and many other areas of the world) see 13 yr olds as teens (the first number to end in -teen) and entering the transition to puberty and adulthood.

Thirteen is good, so there!!

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~n~ said...

i hadn't yet figured out it was friday the 13th. LOL (it's still early, after all)

have a very FORTUNATE day!!! :)