Friday, November 13

...stop the presses, water on the moon?!!

Um, am I missing something?!
Why is there no BREAKING NEWS and sudden newsflashes about how they discovered water on the moon?! Does not all life as we know it stem from the primordial abiogenesis protobiontic soupy water that covered our planet back at The Beginning?! Does not water on the MOON indicate a POTENTIAL for LIFE FORMS then as we know them to have existed (or exist??!!) in some form on the moon then?! ISN'T ANYONE FREAKING OUT OVER THIS?!?!
/pants like Grover when he freaks out (speaking of soup)
One would think you would find bacteria, single cell organisms, things that float in water that turn things into newts... very small rocks. Stuff like that. I guess if the moon weighs the same amount as a duck it could be made of wood, and therefore is a witch and thus holds water and the potential for life.
Absolutely. Yes.
/runs away banging coconuts together with my trusty servant Patsy

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~n~ said...

i actually read about this late last night when google had it on the google sign... ME, who is never in tune with any news events of any sort!!! and when rick phoned to check-in tonight, he said, hey, have you seen/heard the news today and as he started to say it, i was so proud of myself that i *already knew what he was talking about!!!!* yes, this is a big BIG deal (water on the moon, sure, but me being dialed-in to current events, too, LMAO)

yep, it's pretty freakin' fantastic, water on the moon!!!

(hugs grover)