Wednesday, November 18

Saturday I received a gift.

A friend emailed and said hey, I'm getting back in touch with this certain kind of reflexology. While I'm "re-learning" it, I'll practice on you for free. If you're interested, email me.

I've never, ever had reflexology done. And free is GOOD !


It was a great experience. I felt things in my feet I didn't know I would or COULD feel. My arms went numb at one point! It was two hours of good time, spent "undoing" which was sooo healthy.

Few hours later and boy, was I congested. And the next day? Holymother... I .... could... not... breathe. Almost at all, I was so congested. It was like a major head cold came one instantaneously. Monday morning I even felt a little nauseous as well. I got to work and saw my friend who quizzically asked when this cold came on? I said well no offense, but right after I saw you !!

Apparently reflexology can stimulate your body; if you have any underlying issues, they will come to the surface. You'll detox. It'll all come out. I can now personally attest that she is GOOD at what she does and I got rid of what was in me!!! Still congested actually but not nearly like on the weekend.

Speaking of getting things out, I for sure felt the new moon on Monday and early part of this week. Had some sharp discussions that were brutally honest but words that needed to be said. I was reading Spiritual Business and oddly find myself in synchro with her synchro... for whatever that means! She writes something and it's either something I did or experienced that day or something I thought or dreamt that day. But I find signs like that affirming. The more, the better.

I feel like things are heading into a more positive direction, or they will. From here the only way is up up up!!!

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~n~ said...

yay for detox! (yay for free reflexology!) and yep this new moon was really intense for some reason... definitely it's affecting our lives here.

up UP *UP*!!! things are lookin' up!! :D