Thursday, November 19

I absolutely have to share this with you.

I got an email tonight from MARION PECK (well, actually from Sloan Fine Art) with an offer to purchase one of these 40 limited giclee prints signed and numbered by the artist. I so wish I had the money to purchase one !

I first found Marion's works via a book called WONDERTOONEL - a compilation of artworks by fellow artist Mark Ryden. He does amazing, amazing, amazing work also and I strongly encourage you to explore these artists and their links.

And if you have 500 bucks burning a hole in your pocket, pick up this limited edition print and hang it in your front foyer to welcome guests. It creates an immediate mood and impression =)

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~n~ said...

LMAO i can see why you like that picture.

hey, stop by my bloggy sometime soon. ;)