Friday, November 20

So I go to my sister's blog this morning and she tags for for an award for HONEST BLOGGING!
I go to reply to her post, and what is the word verification?!
Seriously, I had to alt print screen it so I could PROVE that it happened! WHOA!!!
Again with the synchro action !! I'm going to try to play this award out and pass it on to other bloggers. Here's the rules:

“When you receive the prize you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back. Choose blogs that you find brilliant in their content or design. Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing they were prized with ‘Honest Blog’. List [if you can and/or dare] at least ten honest things about yourself. And then, pass it on.”

Oh, I'm normally more honest than I ever need to be. All the time. People know I'm sure far more than they wanted. I'm that lady on the bus that turns to the person next to them and shares life experiences with strangers for no apparent reason LOL....!! Just ten things you say?!!

Alrighty :

1. I'm so emotional it's retarded. (Some of you know this!) I cry at some tv commercials.

2. I am still trying to wean myself off the "IF IT'S FREE THEN IT'S FOR ME" mantra or keeping things for "that time I need it". I hate it when useful things get thrown out. You never know when you might need that scrap piece of wood which might become a shelf, extra cable wire or 300 feet of garden hose. Dammit, just STORE it somewhere!!

3. I am the oldest of 3 and like my sister said for the past 3 generations it's been girl girl boy in our family on mom's side which according to science is a fluke. My sister and brother have not completed the trend; so far, sister has boy girl and brother has boy boy.

4. I stress out REALLY easily. I get Chicken Little over stupid things, and as much as I know it, I have a hard time chilling out. My active synapses mull over, review, contemplate, factor in, revisit, rehash, chew up and spit out every bloody thing that could or might go wrong JUST in case it does so that our delicate balance of a psyche is prepared for the sky to fall. Rarely does though. Just low lying cloud cover at times that APPEARS as a fallen sky =)

5. I love classical music and choral ensembles. Most nights I come home, turn on the laptop, put on the headphones and listen to it while I read some blogs. It's my decompression time. Sometimes I listen to weird meditation music to get in the zone. If I'm really bothered by something I journal it out, mostly so i can go back later and read what I said and see that what I thought might happen did or didn't manifest the way I figured.

6. I paint and draw but only when I feel like doing it. I had a hard time with this talent growing up. It pissed me off every time people asked me to DO something for them with it, like it was theirs to borrow from me. Like my abilities were at everyone's disposal. All the time people would ask me "can you draw this for me", "can you just make a card for me..." "can you draw me a cat"... oh EFF OFF! So now I just do it when it strikes me, because I want to do it, for me.

7. I love love love humor. I can't imagine being unable to see humor in things. I find way too many things hilarious. Things that ought not BE hilarious really, REALLY are =) I find ways every day to amuse myself. If I didn't I would have to throw myself under a bus because what the hell would be the point of all of this?!

8. I am a huge nature lover and omg my eyeballs miss the ocean, the mountains and the trees. Yeah, there are trees here. Little elms everywhere. Not towering pines or douglas fir. Yeah there's water here. No, it isn't the Pacific. I love beach combing, sand dollars, feet in the sand in the summer, seaweed, air mattresses, fishing and picnics. Thems good times.

9. I try, whenever I can, to give back. I used to have a small community of charities I gave to but had to cut back to afford my own life. But I truly believe in the whole give and receive philosophy. You cannot and will not receive until you give. If this makes sense, I like to give in the way that I would like to receive. And there are times you will be on either side of that fence- either the giver or the receiver. This yr's been hard being the receiver; I'd much prefer to be the giver, especially when you're in a position that you have to receive. I much prefer being able to give. It makes me feel good to give money, clothes and donations to organizations that need them. I always wanted to have a semi retirement plan of running sort of a second hand store but selling reclaimed, artistically re-created items. I think it would marry all of my ideals.

10. Lastly, I am blessed. I live in the most affluent part of the world where our biggest concerns are rather ridiculous, compared to when the next meal is coming or where to live safely. I am well fed, well dressed, in a great home, with great people around me, lovely things, I am healthy, safe and sometimes well-balanced. I lose sight of these things sometimes as I'm sure we all do. Which is why this is a good thing to do, this 10 things.

I will now pass on the torch to some peeps that represent. And the award goes to, in no particular order... :
  4. The Spiritual Goddess (to encourage her to blog, ahem)
  5. Fickle in Pink
Good luck everyone!


My Raw Self said...

Wow Char... both of you nominating me. Thank you so much (((hugs))) Honest Blogger... that's something to be proud of!

~n~ said...

seriously, wtf, how the hell did you get the word BLESS as your word verification?!? good grief.

A lost her third tooth within 2 weeks @ bedtime tonight. damn tooth fairy's nearly broke, LMAO. fourth loose tooth'll be a few days yet. LMAO

love ya!