Sunday, November 15

New Moon in Scorpio in about oh.... five minutes or so (just kidding; but it's here PDW) Scorpio itself, like any sign, has it's good points and it's uh.... it's challenges, yeah. (I'm taking a new approach trying to be tactful since I work in close proximity to a small herd of Scorpios. I've read a few blogs about this new moon and I get the sense that this is a BIG ONE. The Scorpio new moon is serious; here's Cafe Astrology's take on it:

A New Moon occurs in the sign of Scorpio tomorrow (Monday) at 2:15 PM EST. This is a time during which we can focus on some of the constructive traits of the sign of the Scorpion--passionate, resourceful, focused, probing, deep, and perceptive--and consider how to positively incorporate these qualities into our lives. Scorpio New Moons are generally good for working on our self-mastery skills. We may want to pinpoint the things in our lives that make us feel out of control, such as addictions and debts, and work on freeing ourselves of these emotional burdens. This New Moon cycle is also an opportune one in which to explore what is missing in our lives that leads us to engage in these self-destructive behaviors. This cycle represents an opportunity to rid ourselves of the "junk" in our lives--material and spiritual. With this potent Scorpio energy, we have the chance to make important changes in our lives. Tomorrow the Moon occupies the intense sign of Scorpio all day. A sextile between Mercury and Saturn comes exact minutes after the day begins tomorrow, and its energies are with us this evening. Finally, it's a good time to get organized, to do detail work, and to prepare for the future. Decisions made now tend to be practical and well thought out. Work done now is more likely to beget tangible results in the future.

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