Wednesday, November 4

The full moon is passing overhead; can you feel it? Oy, with the Taurus Moon and money drama! Holymother. Time for a Corona and contemplation =) Beer is such good food. Seriously. AND as long as you accommodate for the 90 calories each beverage contains, you can justify it by... by saying it's full of vitamin B and .... and ... it's like a liquid fiber or something. And it's... made from growing things which must be good... so... whatever, it's mentally fulfilling. SO THERE. I'm hanging steadily at my weight anyways, so have a frickin beer already. I think minus 40 pounds deserves one or four.

Anyhoo, reading my astrology on Susan Miller's Astrology Zone and good Christ I think she checked my bank account when she wrote about it, for real!
Quote for Aries: A shortfall of cash may make you tense as the month opens. At the full moon November 2 you will need to write a large check, and as a result, you may have to delay spending in other areas".
Um, ya think? Well some'll get paid now, some later, waddyado. Tell American Express that it's planetary and I could do nothing about it =) Hopefully I'll get a customer service rep that follows astrology =) Riiiiiight.

Over at stage left, I still manage to pull rags out of a hat and make it work in some way shape or form. I'll be so glad when this year ends though, holymotherofgod alright already. Trauma, drama, call yo' mama, it's SUCKED in the worst effing ways. I keep *trying* to learn that Pollyanna "so many things to be grateful for" thing. Maybe I should try trepanation. Get myself another hole in my head; you can never have too many.
Rather than list what's wrong I'll tell you what I'd LIKE to have happen. Lately as an exercise in daydreaming, I've entered into loads of contests. Trips to New York to meet Michael Buble, trips to Disneyland, vacations for a year- that kind of thing. I'd love to win one of these. Or anything at all right now- I'd take winning a free coffee at Tim Horton's!

I'll take anything. Think I'll start with another beer....

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~n~ said...

here's a virtual timmy's for ya. ;)

maybe you're just feeling lousy b/c you're drinking corona, LOL.... try some proper beer, like Race Rocks or Piper's Pale Ale, but perhaps you can't get those out there... surely to god there's a micro-brewery in town? LOL jk (as IF i'm the one to ask about beer, ha ha ha)

alright, well, not that it helps to say but i'm sure it'll all work out... soon?