Saturday, October 17

Woke up with George Michael Kissing a Fool in my head. Total loungey music, but I so love it =) Makes me go all Michael Buble. But as much as I respect Buble's voice, I find his musical choices rather simplistic although this might be at the direction of his agent or label. Likely they want him to sing songs that fans can sing or do karaoke to. More likely to sell his tunes....

New Moon tonight in Libra (hence the picture). New Moons are
the beginning of the lunar cycle. This means the moon is completely in line with the sun and the earth. We see a dark sky with no visible moon- this is why it's considered a time of newness and rejuvenation. The new moon is the three days after the new face of the moon and also includes the day of the new face of the moon. Because it's the beginning of a lunar cycle it's energy is thought to assist with new beginnings of any sort, like beauty, health or personal improvement regime or starting new employment. Good timing for my other half. And for me; I need to get back on the horse and hit the gym. ROUTINE, people, I need ROUTINE.. and motivation !!! I'll google some reasons why to work out.

Oh yeah, now I remember. =P

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