Wednesday, October 14

Ha! Twice today I heard SOMETHING about Disneyland. On the radio today there was a commentary about Disneyland and on the computer at work, outta nowhere, there was a Disneyland reference which NEVER happens. So I tell you people, Disneyland and or a vacation of some sort (this or something better) is COMING, ah tell yooo whut!!! Oooh, how EXCITING! Course I promptly came home and entered about 500 online entries for sweepstakes vacations. I look forward to my mailman now sending me POUNDS of junkmail for MORE contests and giveaways, and hey- bring it! I feel POPULAR when this happens! Gosh darn it, people LIKE me !! ... And they're all marketers...!!! Hey, like attracts like... =)

Little bit of tension going around today, I noticed. Seemed to be everywhere and I wasn't the only one that made mention of it. Got home and the littlest cat found herself enjoying a wrestling match with a plastic grocery bag, which was all fun and games until it attacked her back, wrapping itself around her neck and arm which freaked her RIGHT out. We didn't quite know what was going on when an inflated grocery bag ran down the hallway and past our office door. And then flung itself down the stairs. And ran through the living room. And down the basement stairs at which point I was in full action chasing this poor, trapped and startled animal (and her plastic parachute) down 2 flights of stairs. Managed to catch her as she came back up for Round Two running back UP the stairs in an effort to free herself. Clutching her mid air, I unravelled her from her apparently dire situation. As she clung to me for dear life, panting and heaving with her eyes wide open for the next 10 minutes I assured her the plastic monster was dead and its carcass now discarded.

Not 20 minutes later the neighbour, outside in the dark, apparently needed to hose something off. He rather miscalculated where the hose was pointing and noisily hosed down our back windows by accident. Well, if every feline inside our house didn't then scatter under some piece of furniture wondering what the hell THAT was, is it coming inside and does it bite?! Because by Jesus that was LOUD and SCARY! I had to resort to shaking the bag of Temptations to see where everyone was hiding and count paws to make sure they were all still here. One was so scared that even the Temptations didn't bring him out. I had to FIND him, take him to the window and SHOW him nothing was there. He's not impressed.



~n~ said...

poor kitty-whose-name-i-can't-remember-but-starts-with-a-P. LOL that must've been absolutely hilarious... for the audience, not the actress. poor thing, flying down 2 flights of stairs like that. (well written documentation, btw).

is there still snow on the ground?

Anonymous said...

Nope, just a bunch last week and then it went away. Still brisk but not bad. And it's Presha (I know weird name- it's half precious and half ... well, we drifted off I guess!!)