Tuesday, October 13

Only 70 days left until my next holidays....

Yno what I'd really like to do for vacation? I'd like to actually GO ON ONE. As in leave this place and GO to Disneyland. That would be excellent... EXCELLENNNNNT! Last time I was there was 1991. That was a long, long time ago- feels like it was in another life. But THE greatest themepark ever- I loved loved LOVED it! My favorite place there (at that time, there must be so many new things now) was the Haunted Mansion. That was the BEST ever; I bet I could visit it a hundred times and see something new that I missed the last time. Okay, and space mtn rocked. And Thunder Mountain. And Splash Mountain. And and and... well, actually the whole experience was AWESOME !!

I'ma put it on my Wish List. After all Disneyland is where dreams come true (insert trademark here) =)

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~n~ said...

oh and you sooooooooooo deserve a holiday like that. even just going to an all-inclusive somewhere hot and lounging on the beach day after day. seriously, you should consider a cruise through the caribbean. that would be fantastic. did i mention how much you deserve a decent holiday?! start pickin' up empties and sock those dimes away!!! LOL