Friday, October 23

My bad!
I must be back at work after vacation; I'm not posting as religiously as I was last week !!!
I have, however, returned to both blogging and the gym... (one hobby having much less aftermath than the other, she says knowingly). Started back on the weights on Sunday night. I did a 45 minute cardio slash weight circuit and knowing I hadn't worked out in oh... five weeks, I worked hard but didn't kill myself. And I'll tell you, on Monday I didn't feel AS BAD as I thought. My pecs were noticably raw feeling, but otherwise my lower body was pretty residual, which surprised me. So of course, this must mean we can do MORE !! (Yes, this is where the story gets ugly...) I spend Monday just doing weany workouts at home- you know, some abs on the floor, some pliat squats- a weany workout. Next day still not much trauma to the lower body, so smart girl says hey, let's go to the gym after work. Wednesday night I hit the gym running on the elliptical. Woo! Look at 'er go! Fifteen minutes later, I transfer over to Station One and put some plates on the leg press and pump it out. Then the hamstrings. Then hey let's walk around the track and do WALKING LUNGES every 50 steps or so while we're walking around! WOO! Then we'll finish with upper body, some abs and we're on our way home. Oh, but wait there chickie. Let's just get through those lunges first. I did two sets of 15 and when I ATTEMPTED the third set?! Oh, well, that's a not go' happen kinda moment. I go halfway down for one lunge and I feel that stiff little tweak in the quad. The feeling of holy crap something is so not good right now hits me. Bad scene! Abort! ABORT!! ABORT MISSION!!! I start jogging feably back to the weight room, stiff legs carrying me the last 20 feet there and I gingerly hop back on the elliptical. Must get blood flow to the area!! Go, go, go!
Anyhoo, it worked and I didn't end up in the emerg after all. But by jezus can I just ONCE do ANYTHING with ANY sort of semblance of MODERATION???!!! Oh, nooooo. Not me. Once I limbered back up & completed the rest of the workout I headed home. Wednesday feelin' it a little but not bad overall. ALMOST opted to take the day off but at 10pm I felt like I needed to do SOMETHING (ok plus I snuck a piece of banana bread at 9pm and knew that would sit there until morning otherwise) so I went for a 50 min walk. At minus 4. Outside. Because I'm hardcore like that. Thursday I could so feel it. Chairs were unkind and unrelenting pieces of furniture to get in and out of. Thursday was a day off FOR SURE!!
On the plus side I feel WAY more energetic, hovering on that damn scale all week at the same weight give or take one measly pound. But it WILL move. And I DO feel better. And that IS the point...!

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