Saturday, October 24

Hopelessly hooked on Sons of Anarchy- what an amazing, amazing show. The premise of the show (which airs on FX Networks ) follows a vigilante motorcycle gang in SoCal in a small town. The gang was created years ago by the father of the central character JAX. Dad died leaving his best friend (Clay) in charge of the renegade group. Clay also married the leader's widow, Jax's mother (Katy Sagal of Married with Children fame). At the risk of over simplifying, I liken the show to the Lion King, in that Clay (much like Scar) is the leader of the pack and Simba (son of deceased "good" leader Mufassa) is growing up, seeing what is wrong with the leadership and positions himself over time to assume his rightful position as leader. So this is the motorcycle, grown up, rougher version for adults of the Lion King. And hey, it also takes place in a jungle of sorts =P

Pretty darn
popular show, too-

The FX biker drama has been averaging around 4 million viewers all season, but Tuesday's episode — which pulled in 3.7 million viewers to handily win the night among cable channels — was competitive with the major networks in the adults 18-49 demographic. More significantly, Sons' 2.2 rating outperformed both The Jay Leno Show (1.8) and ABC's The Forgotten (2.0) in the demo.

/inserts hearty hand clapping applause for their success!!!***

Gotta tell you who is IN this show, though. Clay is played by Hellboy actor Ron Perlman. (apparently no relation to Rhea Perlman from Cheers by the way but both Aries woot woot). Gemma (Jax's mother) is as mentioned Katey Sagal. Jax is played by Charlie Hunnam, who I actually didn't realize I'd watched before in movies such as Nicholas Nickleby and Green Street Hooligans. Maggie Siff (Jax's love interest) has been seen on Law and Order, Nip & Tuck, Grey's Anatomy and more. I recognized a few of the "gang members" like Kim Coates from Prison Break, CSI & other shows and Tommy Flanagan from his role in Bravehart. Truthfully as someone who really DOESN'T watch many movies I was impressed that I was like, hey I know that guy, and that guy, and her and him... !!! Pretty great collection of professionals. And really great show if you get the chance to watch it, check it out.

It's completing filling my void while I wait for LOST to return and doesn't hurt that sexy J
ax and bad boy Sawyer could possibly be related lol!!

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