Wednesday, October 28

I'm a fire sign.

It's why I go through life with a box of matches in my hand lighting things on fire. It's just how I roll. Probably explains the hostility levels to a point =P

Having said this, I get this weekly horoscope emailed to me each week and if I wasn't so thrilled to read THIS :

Every two years, fiery Mars is in Leo for six weeks; however, we have begun a stretch where it will be in Leo for eight months! (In 1994-95, Mars was in Leo for six months; but the last time it was in Leo this long was 1962-63. Do these dates ring a bell, Pavlov?) This week, the Sun and Mercury are in Scorpio, shortly followed by Venus. This is like a reunion of the Hatfields and the McCoys. Not good! The energy of Leo and Scorpio is like mustard and ice cream. In the month ahead, we will be tested! We can be snarky and impatient, or we can flash a Scorpio Julia Roberts' smile or the pearly whites of Leo George Hamilton. (Their teeth must have put their dentists' kids through university.) As an Aries, your ruler is Mars, and you're a Fire Sign. Leo is a Fire Sign. Therefore, while Mars is in Leo for the next 8 months, you'll be magnificently energized! This will also heighten romance, love affairs, vacations, sports, children, and anything to do with the arts. Mars will move forward and backward during this time, which means the energy will change in its style. Nevertheless, it will continue to stir the pot in those areas of your life. But lo! What fist in yonder window shakes? Expect disputes with others about shared property, insurance matters, and inheritances during the next month, while three planets hover in Scorpio. Oh well. With your rising sign in Gemini, During this eight-month sojourn of Mars in Leo, you'll be more assertive, aggressive, and even argumentative because you so strongly identify with your ideas. If others disagree with you, you'll take it personally. The upside is it makes your speech vigorous and convincing. (You'll be irresistible if you're in sales.) It's great news for actors, teachers, writers, salespeople, and even those who drive for a living. You're PowerPoint on steroids! Nevertheless, in the next month, while all this action is going on in Scorpio, expect dissension and disputes in your job, and with lovers, sports activities, and children. You have to pull in your reins a bit. Gently, gently. (At least, for the next month.)

I am so screwed.

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~n~ said...

maybe you could wire your mouth shut for 8 months?! LMAO jk. you'll survive. you'll thrive. you'll look back and laugh at it.