Saturday, October 31

Trick or Treat, Smell my feet

Give Me Something Good To Eat!...(that's lowfat, low sodium, low calorie but tastes like it's high fat, high sodium and high calorie... THERE'S a trick!!!) Fell off the diet wagon on my days off, I will confess. Into a plate of spaghetti and bowl of ice cream with delicious butterscotch sauce. And then pizza and beer. So we were way, waaaaay off the diet. But waddyado, when it gets gray and cold outside and you're reminded daily that you live in Siberia, eh? Plus my gym (pool) membership just expired this week, so I really have to watch what I consume until I renew it... whenever that happens.

Fall Back Daylight Savings is TONIGHT omg YAY! SO GOOD to gain an hour of much needed sleep...!! I bet the ghosts and goblins out there trick or treating are loving that aspect too!

Enjoy your ghostly visitors, peeps- when I get home from work I'll be googling the Giant Pumpkin for a snippet of Charlie Brown. Him and me have live with a similar mindset... Good grief!


Debbi said...

Yay for daylight's saving's in the GOOD way! Extra sleep.

sorry to hear about the wagon falling. I'm about to get on a new wagon again, because, my fat butt is having a hard time getting up the freaking stairs! ARGGGG.

~n~ said...

YAY for Standard Time!! One of the BEST things about autumn!!! ;)

7 kidlets at the door - including our 2 (a princess & a jedi), who went to a record 11 houses throughout the neighbourhood. how'd you fare? did you get any trick-or-treaters?

happy hallowe'en from all of us goblins here!

Anonymous said...

I'm okay with the wagon Deb- I'm actually at a weight where it's manageable to screw up a bit yno? 15 more pounds and I'd be at my ideal IDEAL weight so to screw up a little here, no biggie. Its emotional eating though, and I need to learn less destructive ways of undoing myself.
Trick or treaters we got ZERO but none were invited. All house lights were out; I worked late so no point even trying to participate. Quite a few older kids on the street when I drove home around 830 though.